love spells that work

Love Spells

Love is the drive and balance of this world. Finding love spell today makes you find your purpose in the world.

money spells and rituals

Money Spells

What’s life without money? Living a good life in luxury is one of the things money can provide and more. Do not listen to the fake people who say money is just paper and ink. Its more than that…

magic ring and amulets for wealth, success, protection, and love.

Magic Rings & Amulets

Rings and Amulets have been used by my fore fathers to bring wealth, protection to people in their daily lives. The world is full of unseen forces that only those prepared enough may survive the torment.

African witchcraft and voodoo rituals

African Spells

Native witchcraft form the mountains of Rwenzurulu to solve all your hardships and pave way for prosperity and happiness. Witchcraft or African voodoo is a solution that never fails to deliver.

protection spells, charms and rituals

Protection spells

If you have bad karma, or feel as if you're surrounded by negative energy. The appropriate place for help is here. I Perform aura, spiritual and body cleansing. And cast customized spells and rituals as well as charms for protection.

luck spell, charms and rituals

Luck spells and charms

A good luck spell will bring to you what is truly best for you, and that may come in unexpected ways!

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Spells have been used by people all over the world for many years with plenty of good results, but, of course, Spells can take their time to produce results, and the outcomes will vary from person to person.When you cast a spell with me i assure results in a day or less


If spiritual healing or casting spells was general knowledge, i would recommend everyone to heal themselves. 

Its not the case because one needs to be precise and accurate about every detail. 

Mistakes people make while casting spells on their own at home is one of the major reason they say spells and traditional methods don’t work.

Am one of a kind of in spiritual healing from the mountains of Rwenzurulu at the border of Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo. I have healed thousands of people near and beyond using the power of letters, numbers, images and the palm reading of an individual who’s having a problem.

In this I summon spirits from the deepest of your roots. Solving problems permanently and controlling situations which you come in or out. I give you chants that release the spell when you want to step out at any time.

All this happens at my chapel in Kampala Bukasa, Muyenga in Uganda Africa. If you feel tired and exhausted about the imperfections in your love life, money, marriages, divorce, gambling, winning lotteries, getting children after a long time, sexual pleasure among others.

There are so many solutions to your problems you’ve not tried yet. Count yourself lucky because the great chief Kumbe casts spells and re-cast your spells that didn’t go well with the previous spell casters.

There is complete transparency in the whole process.


The price to each service is custom according to the weight and process that is to be carried out.

Clients that wish to recast or upgrade their order contact me i will surely hear you out.

For new clients i perform free consultation and discounted cleansing and casting of spells.


People who have had near death experiences often report encountering spirits of people who have already passed on–even though some of these people died hundreds, even thousands of miles away. In the spirit world, time or place has no significance. To a skilled spell caster–someone who is intimate with the spiritual world–it doesn’t matter if you are in the same room or in another state. It is the power and experience of the spell caster that is of utmost importance.

It is always best to go with your gut-instinct on which spells are right for you. You will know intuitively what spells are needed to get your results. There is never a need to worry about picking the wrong spells.

Each spell and situation is going to be different. There is normally an average time until manifestation located on the page with the same name of your spells. Although spells vary due to obstacles and power level, you typically have an incubation time of under 90 hours for all spells.

This is very normal for people to get more than one spell cast! You don’t resolve a math problem with just paper and a pencil. You tend to use a calculator and sometimes you will use a chalkboard. You go at the problems from many different angles to get your solutions in math, why would it be any different for spells? The more spells you have on a situation, the most support and angles are covered.

My spells will never effect someone’s free-will. My work is on the root level of energy and uses the influencing natural desires that already exist within your lover. My spells always manifest 100% and there is never a need to worry.

Yes, if indeed you wish to engage in the process and have the space

No hidden fees. I am a very genuine person and would find this rather insulting.