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No hidden fees. I am a very genuine person and would find this rather insulting.

Yes, i send an email or use any communication line that you provided me.

Or for some rituals you can participate via video chat.

If you have the time and space.

My spells will never effect someone’s free-will. My work is on the root level of energy.

Additionally uses the influencing natural desires that already exist within your lover. Powerful spells always manifest 100% and there is never a need to worry.

This is very normal for people to get more than one spell cast! Don’t resolve a math problem with just paper and a pencil. You tend to use a calculator and sometimes you will use a chalkboard.

In other words, you go at the problems from many different angles to get your solutions in math, why would it be any different for spells? The more spells you have on a situation, the most support and angles are covered.

It is always best to go with your gut-instinct on which spells are right for you.

Additionally you will know intuitively what spells are needed to get your results. There is never a need to worry about picking the wrong spells.

People who have had near death experiences often report encountering spirits of people who have already passed on.

Even though some of these people died hundreds, even thousands of miles away. In the spirit world, time or place has no significance.

To a skilled spell caster–someone who is intimate with the spiritual world–it doesn’t matter if you are in the same room or in another state. It is the power and experience of the spell caster that is of utmost importance.

No i don’t, seeking for guidance and consultation is free.

Their is no fixed price. Because the requirements change from person to situation and rituals to be carried out.

its possible, though i recommend you to cast at different intervals. The different spells may require different methodology and concentration.

African spells, this type of spell casting was taught to me by my fathers and grandfathers. Its a safe and tidy process if you wish to use any of my specialties. No unlawful acts or sacrifices are involved.  The processes followed depend on the person and situation.

All sessions initiated are unique but to be precise, use the different methods to contact me. Please provide your name, location, email for response and a detailed message of the situation you would like help for using the contact form.

Additionally, use the whats-app or call button on the bottom.

I provide various services that some are outlined on the about page .

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