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Friendship spell – why its important to cast one yourself

Friendship spell and why you should cast one as soon as possible. Friendship is one of the most important necessities of a human being in life. Friends provide a shoulder to lean on, a good joke when we need one and an ear to listen to our complaints and concerns. Friends help us get connected to the good things we don’t have.

With friendship, we are able to make more friends who may be very important in life. Friends are not born with but made.

You can make friends through socializing and most importantly through spells that reach where no man can reach.

Practicing rituals for friendship is not a common practice because people forget that friendship is the root of every connection, be it love or money.

Using spells for friendship can help you attract and make new friends, heal wounds caused through arguments and other things that lead to friendship continuity.

With spells, you can attain friends with good luck, friends you wish to have in life and those who understand you. The friendship spells can fasten your friendship.

Have you ever heard of a strong friendship or a true friend? With these rituals and spells, you can get to notice that.

There are times when the friendship bonds can be challenging and sometimes with stress. The challenges may be distance or other misunderstandings. Finding ways to foster such relationships may be hard to do. And it can only be fostered by spells to reconnect and keep it.

Spell to improve your friendship

Being with a strong friend is a vital thing for you in life. A strong friend is a true friend who has your back when things are going very wrong in your life. A friend who keeps their promises, and makes you keep yours too.

If you are in a friendship, improve it that you can attain the benefits of having a strong and true friend. A friend who will neither lead nor follow, but will walk with you. And this can be done perfectly through rituals for true friendship.

The spells will help fasten the bond of your friendship with those people you feel are important to you. Spells will help you do any crazy stuff with your friend, make them keep your secrets and everything you need, your friend will be there for you.

Also, if you need to improve your friendship with your boss, or partner or anyone maybe you know a little, these spells can help you so.

Spell to attract new friendship

None in this world can survive without socializing with others.  Everyone needs a company in whatever they do.

It is easy to make friendship with the people we stay with or have grown with, but very difficult to make new friendships with those people who stay away and do not know us.

The people who may seem anonymous may have great importance in our life if we get a connection bond. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to meet someone you can connect to, I urge you to foster the friendship and help it grow.

Friendship is taken as a blessing because it strengthens the power of connection between you and the other. Friends show a genuine interest in what’s going on in your life, what you have to say, and how you think and feel thus friends care.

So it is important to make friends because they accept you for who you are, they listen to you attentively without judging you, tell you how to think or feel, friends feel comfortable sharing things about themselves with you and all that helps to improve your moods and make you reach your goals.

Friendship and family spells

If you want to have a positive relationship with your family, spells and magic can help and they will be 100% customized to your intent. The spells or magic call the positive energy of the universe to come and help you in every situation.

These spells work no matter what problem happened or how long it happened. The connection you have as a family member can be strengthened and even healed with these friendships and family spells without any bad effect.

Even though you may have much care for your family, there are bound to be challenging issues that can stress you over time. It may be your real parental family or in-law family.

You may strive hard to show that you care about them, but they cannot recognize and accept it. Such circumstances are what these family spells can solve

Spells to heal a broken friendship

People always get drawn together when they have similar energies. But any disruption in that energy can cause the balance of friendship to shift thus leading to hurt feelings, resentments, and grudges.

In that case, it is necessary to clear away any negative energy and bring the relationship back into balance.

Using friendship spells in times of conflict is a powerful way you can heal a fractured friendship. The friendship spell manifests to ensure reconciliation amongst you.

Spell to turn an enemy into friendship

It is normal that anyone can have an enemy. But it turns out to be hazardous when the enmity goes astray. An enemy will hate or oppose you. Will try to harm you or stop you from doing something that is beneficial to you.

If I told you that you can turn that enemy into a friend, it may sound hard or impossible for you, but with the use spells everything turns magical.

So if you have an enemy that you think can stop you from doing something you want, embark on magic, it will bring that person to.

If there is someone who behaves like an enemy to you, but you think he or she can be important to you. Use these friendship rituals, they will be able to calm his or her feelings and foster a friendship with them.


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Free friendship spell to cast on your own at home

Using spells can ease the way you can make new good and great friends. If you yearn for new friendships in your life?

Or have recently moved to a new place and need a friend, the friendship spells will work for you. You may contact a spell caster to help you or do it yourself on your own at home.

If you practice these free spells on your own at home, you must be alone and follow the right procedures that I have listed below;


This ritual is best performed during a waxing moon, as this corresponds with the divine energies. The waxing moon represents intention, hopes, and wishes.

So after doing it under the moon your intentions and desires will be ready to be planted into that person you desire.

Requirements Spell to attract new friendship

An orange pouch or drawstring bag

A carnelian crystal

Passionflower (roughly a teaspoon, dried)

An orange or yellow candle


Draw a circle around you with all the requirements.

Before you begin the spell, set your intentions by humbling yourself within that circle and focusing on what sort of friendship you need. Take some time to really get it clear.

Begin the spell by lighting the candle. Next, place all the other objects in front of you. Put the carnelian stone in the middle on top of the pouch, and arrange the passionflower in a circle around it.

Close your eyes, and visualize yourself surrounded by the kind of friends you want, positive people that you enjoy being around. Make this visualization as realistic as you can. Once you get strong feelings, hold your hands, palms down, over the crystal and spices.

Visualize this feeling like a golden light streaming from your heart, through your arms, and out through your palms onto the objects.

Visualize the objects being imbued by this golden light until they are pulsating with it. Now place all the objects inside the pouch and close it tight.

Take the candle, and circle it in the air above the friendship pouch clockwise three times, while chanting the following incantation; “Strong and true friendships, come to me, as I will, so mote it be. Here I summon”, thank your spirits, guardian angel for guidance, and close your circle.


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