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Magical Rings & Amulets


All My Products are custom powered at the temple and delivered to the clients prefered locaton but also other clients who want there ringsĀ  and amulets empowered at the temple are also sent in for the rituals.

Power Rings

Ring P001

Ring 002

Ring 003

Ring 004

Magical Amulets

Amulet 005

Amulet 006

Amulet 007

Amulet 008

Love Attraction Rings

Ring 009

Ring 010

Ring 011

Ring 012

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All the rings and Amulet which have been enchanted by Chief Kumbe at their desired destinations.

Our best offers

The Amulets and rings that are purchased get a discount and free delivery to any part of the world in a very short time upon request.

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