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RELATIONSHIP SPELLS – fix all love hiccups

Relationship spell – are magic chants together with rituals to mend or break a bond between people. But relationships in real life a one hell of a mess that you need to be careful with at all times. This also applies when casting a love or relationship spell.

Because if you truly wish to mend or break a link between two or more people, it’s best to be critical. And with a mix of love and affection the task you have at hand becomes harder. So entrusting such a critical matter to another with experience and power to deliver is an offer you shouldn’t refuse.

Human relationships are the hardest to understand, because the one who cares for you deeply can be the one who hurts you the most. And vice versa. In addition, its true one can go lengths just to create a bond between him and her. Succeed but never feel full filed. Such people exist and I happen to have worked on a large number. Request a service, it’s delivered but still restless never the less.

As a normal person and not a spells caster (witch doctor), spell casting should not become part of your life. Neither does it have to determine your future, because even with the most powerful spells I cast. Minus personal effort it’s a worthless adventure for one to take. No fruit can bear without a little push.

You don’t expect money to appear in your bank account but rather place a bet and you will hit the jackpot. The little but sufficient effort is what makes the spell worth casting. The time money and devotion you invest in the process counts.  


For all the reasons you hold as true and just cast a spell to break up any relationship right away. This is a spell that is going to make the couple or friends hate each other Create differences between them. Reveal the one having scummy intentions in the relationship.

Some people that we make relationships with even those forged by blood, can be toxic and deceitful. Some people’s hearts are in the right place for the wrong reasons. They are filled with envy, greed, selfishness and more.

They wish to have what is yours or either you lose it, and this doesn’t matter to them. Keep or take what is your and give nothing back in return. This is not a revenge spell and no harm will come to that person or people.  

FIX A BROKEN RELATIONSHIP SPELLLove spells without using anything in Azerbaijan

People are meant to live and cooperate with each other. Most relationships are on the verge of a breakup or the inevitable already to place.

My advice is to fix the relationship. Many things that one can do can fix the relationship, but all by starting small.


·         Apologize and come clean

Accepting your side of the story and admitting to the fact a simple step one can take. It only take a few words “I am so sorry” for the outcome and cause of the break in the relationship. And ask for forgiveness “please forgive me”. Such short words incorporated in your dialogue can help clear out the smoke.

·         Re-evaluate the reasons you’re together.

Go back to the beginning, the very start of the problems in your relationship and reflect to what the smallest detail of the cause could be. This is very vital information for you to fix the relationship back to its feet. The things that break a relationship are in the subtle things.

·         Communicate

Dating and break up coaches instruct their clients to establish a no contact period when there is a breakup. It may work, but with ongoing relationships communication is the way to go. Your partner will get to open up and reveal why they are distancing themselves from the relationship.

·         Cut out external influences

These are influencers that you don’t want to medal in your relationship, more so those with access to your hubby. Do not take that therapists word for a conclusion, not all relationships can be fixed by mediation.

·         Cast a spell

Something you may take bizarre, but an effective solution to all life problems including relationships. A witch doctor is the person who won’t judge you. Require much of your time to schedule appointments and meeting and so on. Take your money and in the end propose a break up or divorce that the relationship is no longer salvageable.  


free love spells that work, LOVE SPELLS SIDE EFFECTSIf you are in a relationship that makes you feel like you are stringing along, why not let it lose. It can be hard sometimes because you’re human and take account of your partner’s feelings.

What if this spell is the perfect remedy you need to break that relationship smoothly? Fade out their mutual feelings, make them forget the intimacy you have. And eventually move on without much of a struggle.


To bring back a wayward love, gather these items:

  • 6 red candles
  • 60 straight pins
  • Parchment paper
  • Cinnamon incense

Directions: You will do the following ritual six nights in a row. Prepare each candle in the following manner: Stick 30 pins into one side of a red candle, and 30 more pins on the other side of the same candle. Write the name of your beloved three times on a small square of parchment paper and place it underneath the red candle.

Light the candle and let it burn down. Then take six pieces of parchment paper and write the name of your beloved one time on each slip of paper. Save the pins from the candle.

The following morning, take four of the pins and stick them into one of the name papers, one on each side of your beloved’s name. Smudge the name paper in the smoke of cinnamon incense. Then take the paper and the pins and bury it under your doorstep. Burn one candle this way each day for six days.

Save all of the papers with your beloved’s name written three times and the wax from each candle until the end of the six days. After you have done this ritual for six days, take all of the papers, wax, and pins and bury them in the same hole.    


it all begins and ends with you, no great achievements were ever accomplished without sacrifice.  In any form that may carry value according to the path you take.

To cast any spell to settle or banish relationship/love issues contact me. And do so for any other kind of help you seek. 

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